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Our approach

We strongly believe that everyone should love their smile. Orthodontics is a great way to increase self-confidence, improve dental health and create a smile to be proud of.

First visit

At your first visit, Dr. Doulaverakis provides a consultation that includes a comprehensive clinical evaluation and diagnosis FREE of charge. A detailed discussion of your concerns and all treatment options to available to address them while attaining an optimal bite are presented. The doctor will also offer her personal recommendation on the most appropriate treatment plan.

Maintaining patient comfort at all times is always Dr. Doulaverakis' priority. She takes advantage of the latest technologies and research to minimize the need for extraction of permanent teeth and the use of headgear.
Dr. Doulaverakis encourages questions from both the patient and the parent(s). As such, ample time is allotted for first appointments. If treatment is called for, we can begin the treatment process by taking full diagnostic records (panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, models, intra-oral and facial photographs) that same day.
Our treatment coordinators will work out a flexible
Every patient leaves feeling confident that their needs are being met and they received the highest quality service available. a fee estimate and an approximate length of time for the orthodontic treatment to be completed. In most cases


To speed up the check-in process during your first visit, fill out the Patient Information Form.
Be sure to hand this in to the front desk when you sign-in.

Subsequent visits

The frequency of patient visits depends on a number of factors. But in general, appointments are spaced anywhere from four to six weeks apart during active treatment.
There is probably no other area of health care that requires patient-doctor teamwork to the extent that orthodontics does. As such, Dr. Doulaverakis fosters a partnership with her patients and their parents.
"Obtaining a terrific smile takes team work, and I try to emphasize this with each patient," she says. "We get winning results when the appliances I place are cared for as instructed. If the patient keeps all their appointments and maintains good oral hygiene throughout treatment, there's nothing to stop us from obtaining our desired results on time and on budget!"

With weekday and Saturday hours, patients find it easy to fit in regular orthodotic visit into their busy schedules. Patients are asked to make every effort to keep their appointments. However, missing scheduled appointments can disrupt and prolong treatment If for some reason this is not possible, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.


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